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NEED WE SAY MORE? By 1973 the musclecar era was coming to an end. The high price of gasoline and the almost impossible task of getting insurance was driving a stake through the heart of performance. At this time in the decade of muscle it looked as though the Mopar boys were the only ones with the balls to make a car that spit in the face of the government that was coming down on US auto makers with safety and smog regulations. This car (Slightly modified) is one of my personal all time favorites! To say the least this car caries a lot of attitude and can back it up. The engine is a 440 that has been balanced with all the rough edges internally smoothed over including the castings on the rods and the block. The engine sports 11.5 to 1 Mopar pop-ups that are fed fuel through the 906 heads that have been opened nicely.  Exhaust valves are 1.81's and I the intakes are 2.25. The 750 Holley double pumper feeds lots of fuel through the M1 single plane high rise intake. It sports an  8 quart Milidon oil pan and the Fluid Dampner. The Torqueflite 727 is fully manual and pushed the power to a set of posi trac 4.56 gears in a narrowed 8 3/4" Mopar drive axle. The power gets right to the 29x18.50/15 Mickey Thompson Sportsmans mounted on the 15" wide Weld Pro Stars. The paint is Sublime with a Hockey Stick the tells no lies. The car is basically stock in the front end including normal suspension, power brakes, and power steering. From the crossmember to the rear of the car is channel tubing that gives the full roll cage something to hold on to and a 12 gallon fuel cell to sit between. The battery has been relocated to the trunk to make some room in the engine compartment. The interior is black on black and is only proper.

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