1969 Corvette Now having a complete frame up restoration!! CLICK for DETAILS

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My 1969 Corvette Stingray Roadster.

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This is by far the greatest car ever built in the history
of the automobile. Of course My GTO is twice the classic,
and my Mustang can smoke this car in the quarter mile...
It is still my favorite.

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This car looks perfect in these pictures, but don't be fooled,
It sees pavement every weekend...and miles of it!
This one I bought to DRIVE!

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What's it worth you ask? Well, that would depend on what value you could have put on my 1989 Chevrolet Z71 4x4.  That's right... Straight across trade!  Blue book at the time of trade put both vehicles at exactly the same value.
Which one will be worth more next year?  :)

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