1965 Ford Mustang (Modified)
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500hp Blown Stroker being built now by JBA!


Although the 1965 Mustang is not considered a true Muscle Car I had to give the boys at FORD their props! The FORD Mustang sold over a MILLION cars before the end of the 1966 production year. This achievement alone is enough to secure the Mustang its place in the 1965 year! So, to make up for the short comings of the stock 289 powerplant I have chosen to modify one to bring it up to the level that warrants the Muscle Car nomenclature.

1965 Ford Mustang: This car was purchased on January 9th, 1991 for $500 from a co-worker. No, it did not look like this! After 9 years, 3 engines, 3 paint jobs and two restorations, I decided that I would dedicate this car as my race vehicle. Why did I choose this one and not the others? The answer is simple... If I wreck this one I can get another one for $500. My other cars do not come as cheep as Mustangs. Besides, all Chevy owners hate faster Fords so the victory is sweeter.

You will find that early in my racing career I have some parts that I would not have installed on this car if I knew that I was going to dedicate it to racing. But five years ago I wanted a street car so I made some decisions that better lent themselves to the "cruising mentality". Things like 3.55 gears, Iron heads and street tires. But if nothing else it will be fun to see what improvements will be had by upgrading the more mild parts with time tested race gear.