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My 1964 GTO Convertible.

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What's this? Could it be?
A 348hp Tri-powered 389

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A closer look

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Look, up ahead... My next two victims!

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Mr. Car in San Diego Dyed the ORIGINAL
Upholstery. That's right!
The same interior Pontiac installed in 1964
except for carpet and arm rests.

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One of the cleanest rear decks ever produced.

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One of 6,644 made.
How Many are left?

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My Father ordered this car in 1964 after graduating
from West Point Military Academy.

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The restoration was easy and inexpensive at
less than $10,000.  Current  estimates put its value
at over $30,000.  A sound investment I would say!

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This is the 1997 SDPOCI Chapter show at
Deer Park Winery and Museum.

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This guy inspired me to order a new set of rims,
You will see them here soon!

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A personal favorite of mine,
Dennis Macdonald's 1964 Pro Street Goat.

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What GTO site would be complete without paying a
little respect to "Mr. GTO" himself, Jim Wangers.

This shot was taken at the 1997 SDPOCI show.
He brought along a few friends pictured below.

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Jim's 1969 GTO JUDGE
Needless to say he took first place in the Judge group.

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Jim's 1965 GTO Hard top.

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I host the San Diego Chapter of POCI's web site.
If you want to see what's going on, click here.