Welcome to the NEW American Musclecar Web Site. This site is dedicated to the era we affectionately call the Muscle Car Era.
    Between 1964 and 1974 American automobile manufacturers designed and produced the most powerful breed of motor vehicles that the car market had ever seen.
    Unfortunately due to a blend of High insurance premiums, sky rocketing gasoline prices and pressure from "The Man", the era lasted only a short decade.
    This site will profile one car from each year of this decade. At present, three cars are featured. All three cars are a reflection of the best that was offered for that year in this niche market.
    You may not agree that the selected car for that year is in fact "the best", but you wont be able to argue that they are all an unforgettable highlight in American automotive engineering!
    Before you get to the car profiles you'll need to do a few runs at the drag strip! I think you will like this! You need the FLASH Plugin to race so if you don't have it... Get it!

Download FLASH Here
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